Welcome to Iranian Professional Network (IPN), so trilled you are here!

IPN started in 2014 and is a collective of selected Iranian-Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs and professions, who are well recognized in their fields.

We used to work as individual businesses such as Finance, Healthcare, accounting. real state, …., but now we’re working as a team allowing us to provide superior services to our community. We started as a collective of 3 and since then grew to more than 30 businesses in only lower mainland.


IPN ‘ marking is vastly based on the  recommendation of our  satisfied customers,  proudly  we  Consider it as  the most effective form of promotion.


We endeavor to be relied upon to continually maintain ethical and quality commerce in order to seamlessly and reliably provide high-quality services.

We are committed to utilize our collective experiences to provide solutions to our community.


IPN vision is to:

To be the most competent, and competitive collective business team for any services our community needs.”


IPN mission is to:

“Continually and quickly supply performance-based and timely services to meet our clients’ needs.”

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