Behrouz Moh

Merge Driving School

Merge Driving School offers the best driving lessons Coquitlam has to offer. Our driving school has classes that offer on the road lessons with a variety of packages that vary from one road lesson to the full package of ten road lessons and the road test. There is a total of four packages that are offered to any prospective students, all of which offer on the road lessons (the number of hours varies depending on the package) and a road test booking for the student’s convenience. Merge Driving School has highly qualified instructors that will help prepare you (regardless of your experience level) for what to expect as a driver behind the wheel. We offer comprehensive instructional programs that specialize in teaching defensive and collision-free driving techniques. Merge Driving classes are designed to sharpen your driving skills by preparing you to anticipate any potential hazards on the road without harming yourself or any drivers/pedestrians.

By helping drivers feel more confident in their control of the vehicle, Merge Driving School strives in minimizing the consequences of distracted driving on the roads. Any student driver that finishes lessons with Merge Driving School in Coquitlam will benefit from having an increased confidence and sharpened defensive driving skills that will aid them behind the wheel on the roads. In addition to that, if a student has taken a defensive driving course they get the benefit of having a reduced rate on vehicle insurance by some insurance companies (with the proof of certificate given at the end of the course).

11902 Spring Dale Dr, Pitt Meadows BC, V3Y 2S6

(778) 896 – 1420